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Hello, I am Evan Nadal. When I first started recycling, we placed each of the materials in separate bins. Sometimes, separate trucks would come pick up the cardboard, glass and plastic materials. Today, we can simply place all of the items in a single bin for the truck to pick up each week. The materials are automatically sorted at the facility. After the preparation and processing procedure, the new materials are shipped out to manufacturers that create new packaging and products from those supplies. I want to explore the recycling process from beginning to end on this site. I will talk about manufacturing with recycled materials as well. Please visit my site daily to learn more.


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Learning about Recycling

8 Signs You Need to Rent a Dumpster When You're Dealing with a Repossessed House

by Eleanor Holland

If you've recently bought a bank owned home, you may have a lot of work to do to get the home ready to sell or to move into. In a lot of cases, you might want to rent a roll-off dumpster for this job. Not sure if you need one? Here are several signs you do.

1. You Plan to Tear Something Down

If you are tearing down sheds, garages, or additions, you certainly need to rent a roll-off dumpster. Demolition projects like this generate a lot of waste, and in almost every situation, there will be more garbage than you can just send off with the weekly pick up.

2. You Don't Want to Start Weekly Pick Up Yet

In many cases, you might not even have weekly pick up arranged to the new house yet. Regardless of what you plan to do there, there will be some garbage that pops up. To deal with that, you may just want to rent a dumpster. If you don't anticipate producing a lot of trash, you may just want to use a small canvas potable dumpster.

3. There Is Garbage in the Home

Unfortunately, some homeowners or tenants leave garbage in foreclosed homes. If you buy a home from a bank, there is a chance you may have to deal with dirty diapers on the floor, fridges full of rotten food, and other trash. To cope, you need gloves, heavy duty garbage bags, and a dumpster.

4. There Are Belongings in the House

In addition to garbage, there may be possessions from the previous occupants. Ideally, you could donate that stuff to a thrift store or charity, but in reality, it takes a lot of time to separate the trash from the treasure. To save time, you may just want to put everything in a dumpster.

5. The Yard Needs a Serious Cleaning

Even if the house is pristine, you should consider landscaping needs. Is there trash in the yard? Do you plan to remove patio stones or break up concrete walkways? Are there raised garden beds, crumbling cold frames, or scattered old gardening tools that need to be gotten rid of? A dumpster can be key for that.

6. You Want to Save Time

If you have a truck, you may be able to avoid getting a dumpster in some of the above scenarios. However, if you don't want to drive back and forth to the landfill repeatedly, a dumpster can help you avoid that. The garbage company brings the dumpster, sets it up, and hauls it all away for you.

7. You Are Concerned About Safety

Theoretically, you can stack up landscaping and demolition garbage at the end of the property, and you can haul it off at the end of the project. However, those piles can be dangerous. Kids or even adults in the area may mess with the piles, potentially getting hurt and bringing a lawsuit against you. A dumpster corrals all the garbage so you don't have to worry  about disorganization or injuries.

8. You Don't Plan to Hire a Cleaning Company

So you can avoid some of these tasks, you may decide to hire a cleaning company. There are companies that focus specifically on cleaning out foreclosed or bank-owned homes. These companies may bring the dumpster for you. Basically, they get the dumpster from the garbage company and provide all of their own cleaning supplies. Then, they clean out the house for you, and you pay a fee for all of their services. If you don't plan on hiring professionals, you will need to provide your own dumpster.

To talk more about cleaning up the repossessed house you have purchased, contact a roll off dumpster company today.