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Hello, I am Evan Nadal. When I first started recycling, we placed each of the materials in separate bins. Sometimes, separate trucks would come pick up the cardboard, glass and plastic materials. Today, we can simply place all of the items in a single bin for the truck to pick up each week. The materials are automatically sorted at the facility. After the preparation and processing procedure, the new materials are shipped out to manufacturers that create new packaging and products from those supplies. I want to explore the recycling process from beginning to end on this site. I will talk about manufacturing with recycled materials as well. Please visit my site daily to learn more.


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Learning about Recycling


Why Copper Wire Is A Hot Commodity

Buying gold and silver; that makes sense. Buying aluminum, okay, maybe because people use so much of it. Yet, when you hear that there are copper wire buyers, you might be wondering just what this world is coming to. Here are some reasons why copper is suddenly a very hot commodity and why you might want to jump in on this trend to make some money yourself. Copper Is Replacing All Pipes

Metal Scrapping: What You Can Recycle After Summer Is Over

Now that the summer season is wrapping up, it is time to clear out your yard of any old metal debris you have left. Some of what you have laying around could fetch you a good bit of cash when you take it in for recycling. Here are a few examples of some good potential metal scraps you may have. Old Barbecue Grills Was this the last year for your old barbecue grill?

Three Things You Should Know About Recycling Aerosol Cans

You may not be aware of it, but aerosol cans can be recycled. The metal that is used to make the cans for the aerosol products is often aluminum, but it may also be steel. In either case, this type of metal can be melted down and used again for something else, or perhaps re-purposed for another aerosol product. The following are a few things you need to know about aerosol can disposal and recycling.

Turn Dismal Into Delight! : Add A Water Feature And Colored Rocks To Your Back Yard

Are you tired of the dismal appearance of your back yard and long for the area to have vibrant colors and a water feature added to it? Treat yourself to a fresh perspective by adding a fountain and glass landscaping rocks by following the instructions below. The end result will provide you with an appealing focal point when spending days relaxing outdoors. Landscaping Materials ground marking paint lawn mower weed puller wheelbarrow heavy duty basin submersible pump bricks or concrete blocks plastic plant holder  power drill measuring tape scissors flexible tubing water hose recycled glass landscaping rocks shovel lighting kit Select A Level Spot And Clear It